Coverover as a buggy blanket

  • Poncho style avoids constriction of movement
  • Easily adjustable side and front zips
  • Can completely coccoon child or leave arms and feet out
  • Fits all buggies, has universal openings for straps
  • Rainproof fabric protects against wind and cold

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Coverover as a bike seat cover

  • Puts an end to chilly naps
  • No need for additional waterproofs
  • Hidden size-regulated hood fits over bike helmets
  • Cosy fleece protects against cold
  • Breathable material
  • Best attached as a seat liner, allowing child to be easily and quickly covered, even when sleeping

Top range material

  • Thermoactive and waterproof Deniertex softshell material
  • Consists of 3 layers of fabric - waterproof outer layer, membrane which regulates air flow, and fleece inner layer allows the right amount of warmth
  • Hood and foot pocket also made from impermeable nylon material

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For every season

  • Coverover Active Comfort protects your child from getting cold while sitting still on a sledge
  • Snowy boots can either stay out or be cocooned
  • Waterproof, protects from melting snow

Picnic blanket

  • Coverover can be also used a picnic blanket
  • Doesn’t become damp and protects against the cold ground
  • Soft fleece lining make a cosy blanket for a nap